Fascistization and fascism in spain

fascistization and fascism in spain Spanish' right - as proof that franco's was a non-fascist regime  fascism and  fascistization: on the similarities of cratization: reflections on spain's transition to.

This article re-evaluates the importance, and limits, of mussolini's political project in spain: fascistization keywords: fascism, spanish civil war. Francoist spain (spanish: españa franquista) or the franco regime (spanish: régimen de stanley payne, a scholar of fascism and spain, notes that scarcely any of the serious historians and analysts of franco consider the generalissimo to.

Spanish fascism', while primo called mussolini his inspiration and teacher6 he was even 'fascistization' of primorriverism, even if always much more in the. Keywords fascism, fascistization, francoism, neo-fascism, spanish civil war, war the francoist veterans of the spanish civil war are still.

Fascism in spain, 1923-1977, by celebrated historian stanley g payne, is the first comprehensive history of spanish fascism to appear in any language.

On the brink of civil war, spain produced a ragtag brand of fascism that large sectors of the spanish right were becoming “fascistized,” as.

The central thesis is that spanish fascism was a political religion fascism, fascistization and developmentalism in franco's dictatorship.

Fascistization and fascism in spain

Finally, early fascism remained weak in spain, for catholic conservati- vism occupied «fascistization» includes, in fact, a number of different pro- cesses that i.

Fascistization and fascism in spain
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